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Systems have




What about your engineering tools?

Simulate models with ease in Collimator

Systems have become more complicated. How complicated you might ask?

Software-Defined everything (SDx)

Traditional hardware functions are transitioning to software at an accelerating pace to preserve the ability to innovate after launch - e.g., SDRs

Exponential growth in Big Data and AI

Data driven approaches combined with AI and ML are now used in almost every system's design and operation - e.g., ADAS systems

Systems are always On and always Connected

Customers today expect functionality of their systems to improve with every software update - e.g., higher EV range over time

Unlock the full potential of your engineering team with powerful features


Explore the vast number of possibilities, model to your desired complexity


Move faster with speed and agility, get high fidelity insights earlier


Analyze your results, increase confidence on your designs, iterate


Automatically generate code and deploy code to your target hardware


Integrate all your workflows and streamline collaboration
Collimator gives us a robust set of solutions that fosters discovery, learning, adapting, and continuous iteration. All teams including perception, planning and control systems engineers can work together in one place. The model is once again our one source of truth and V&V has never been easier
VP Engineering, Automotive Startup

We empower engineers to solve their most intractable engineering design problems

System Requirements

  • Integrate your SysML so you can easily define your system architecture and interfaces
  • Easily perform trade studies to identify the most balanced technical solutions among a set of viable solutions
  • Trace your requirements from inception to implementation and have any changes propagate down to every team

System Design

  • Spend minimal time building your plant models by importing open source physics, mathematics libraries, or using SysID models to you can get insights earlier
  • Easily ingest data from your database, products already in production, or public sources to increase your testing surface area
  • Rapidly prototype your system to constrain your design options and gain insights into the key areas of risk and uncertainty

System Implementation

  • Design your system using an intuitive GUI, and speed up your development using our native system design features ex. system linearization, automatic tuning, etc.
  • Simulate your system using HPC and visualize your results in Collimator or any 3rd party environment ex. Jupyter Notebooks, Google Colab, Carla, Nvidia, Airsim, etc.
  • Automatically generate high quality embedded C code to deploy on your target hardware and propagate any changes from your model down to the code with your CI/CD pipeline ex. Jenkins, Github, etc.
  • Seamlessly collaborate with your team, customers and JDMs as your model is the single source of truth

System Verification

  • Run millions of unit, integration, system and acceptance tests concurrently to mitigate bugs and end-user errors before deploying to production
  • Streamline code inspections and peer review process by allowing your team to read, edit and comment on your design from anywhere at any time

System Validation

  • Conduct end-to-end system testing combining your perception, planning, control systems to mitigate bugs and end-user errors before deploying to production
  • Conduct closed-loop, continuous verification and validation using SIL, MIL, HIL, DIL tests to gain confidence in the system performance¬†
  • Automatically generate pass/fail reports and store TBs of results for analysis at a later date and help develop DO and ISO certification artifacts


  • Conduct virtual evaluations of your digital twin to accelerate product understanding and alert in case of any issues
  • Fully integrate your CI/CD process to ensure that you‚Äôre learning, adapting, and continually improving your system

Discover our top solutions for Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Electrification and more

One Platform

Many Capabilities

ANSI C Code Generation

Automatically generate C code for your embedded system controller


Continuously build, test and deploy updates to embedded systems

Deploy AI and ML

Import neural networks to deploy in your system design

Model Based Development

Reduce risk using modeling, simulation and end-to-end traceability

Synthetic Data Generation

Generate and export synthetic data to train neural networks

Verification and Validation

Simplify data exploration and insights gathering through automated tests

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