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Combine your

perception and planning

model based design

control systems

with your

control systems

CI/CD pipeline

AI and ML neural networks

Collimator is the go-to choice for engineers building modern systems using Big Data, AI and HPC. It combines the best of MBD and DevOps where the model is the one source of truth so you can reduce time to insights and de-risk development

Unlock the full potential of your engineering team with powerful features


Develop a better engineering design

Code your dynamical systems in the way that you are most comfortable using our no code block diagram environment or our Python based environment
Learn more: Model Editor or Python Notebook


Simulate your models faster

Run complex simulations in parallel using high performance computing (HPC) in the cloud
HPC Simulator


Visualize your data with ease

Bring your ideas to life using a powerful visualizing and reporting tool and move your designs forward, faster
Data Visualizer


Collaborate more efficiently

Share your results instantly with your team, suppliers or customers to get feedback and ensure everyone is on the same page - literally

Collaboration features and Role Based Access Control (RBAC) in Collimator

Integrates seamlessly with your existing engineering tools

I want my team to spend time designing the controls, rather than cobbling solutions together. Collimator helps us take advantage of the open ecosystem of Python... Also, we can now freely share code and easily add in features as needed, again, without worrying about licensing or cost structures
CTO, Aerospace Startup

Top reasons why engineers choose Collimator

Python Native

Collimator is Python-native, so you have access to open-source libraries like Numpy, Tensorflow, and Pytorch and can analyze your embedded code directly in our system designer software

Cloud Based

Our software design tool’s High-Performance Compute (HPC) lets you run millions of test cases, test various scenarios, and simulate conditions difficult or expensive to reproduce in the real world

Team Collaboration

Design system software in multi-player mode, with no more miscommunications. Collimator increases output by 10x when you’re collaboratively designing various elements of a large system

Simple Pricing

We have simple, easily understood plans for users ranging from small teams to large enterprises. With our free plan, students can try Collimator at no cost

Integrated AI & ML Tools

Because our software designing tool is built in Python, your users can easily import AI and ML tools like Pytorch, Thane and Keras and use them to test and perfect your system design

Real-time Data Streaming

The more data you have, the better. Our system designer software uses data from various sources to represent situations that will inform and improve your overall system

Top reasons why engineers choose Collimator as their system analysis and design tool

Python First

Collimator is Python based. Users have access to open source Python libraries (e.g., Numpy, Scipy, Tensorflow, Pytorch) and can easily create their own function blocks

Cloud Based

Collimator runs on the cloud and can be accessed on any web browser. Projects are simulated using high performance computing (HPC) with the click of one button


Collimator makes it easy to view, edit and share models with anyone using role based access control and a clear version history

Simple Pricing

Collimator's pricing is sensible and easy to understand. Most users do not require finance approval and can get started in minutes

Collimator is trusted by engineers across industries

“It is amazing to use Python, run on a web browser and collaborate on the cloud […] This is undoubtedly 10x better than what I've used before!"
GNC Engineer, Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing
"Collimator has major improvements over Simulink plus it is in the browser so it is portable and more powerful from a computational standpoint"
Mechatronic Engineer, Elektromontaż Rzeszów S.A.
“I wanted the flexibility of Python, and the suite of features from other engineering modeling and simulation software. I now have it all!"
R&D Engineer,
Control and Automation

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