Block Diagram and Graphical User Interface (GUI) for System Design

Modeling in Collimator

The Model Editor is an intuitive block diagram based Python GUI that allows engineers to build their systems by dragging and dropping function blocks. Collimator brings together a comprehensive GUI with Python so engineers can efficiently design their systems, reduce their development risk and bring products to market faster

“I wanted to have the flexibility that Python affords me. I also wanted to get the suite of features from other engineering simulation software. I believe [this] has enormous potential”
Academic Researcher in Control and Automation at IIT
“That is actually really cool. Having access to all my existing Python code opens up a huge number of possibilities. That is a huge benefit!”
Control Systems Engineer in Computer Electronics
“It is amazing to use Python, run on a web browser and collaborate on the cloud […] This is undoubtedly 10x better than what I've used before!"
GNC Engineer in Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing
Collimator has major improvements over Simulink plus it is in the browser so it is very portable. Collimator also feels more powerful from a computational standpoint since simulations are performed using HPC in the cloud
Mechatronic Engineer, ElektromontaĹĽ RzeszĂłw S.A.
Collimator's graphical block diagram programming environment

Comprehensive GUI for Python

Users can use pre-built function blocks to model their systems in discrete, continuous and hybrid domains. These function blocks span multiple use cases including aerospace and defense, automotive, communications, electronics, Internet of Things (IoT) and manufacturing
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Collimator's Python Function Block

Customizable function blocks for flexibility

Users can create their own domain specific functionality using our Python function block. This function block can also be used to bring in pre-written code from prior products or be used to access open source libraries including Numpy and Scipy
See documentation

Rocket model built in Collimator

Reusable function block diagram components

Users can aggregate their functional block diagram into subsystems and share subsystems across projects. This feature allows engineers to collaborate across internal and external teams
See documentation

See Collimator in action

What our customers are saying

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