Engineering Tool for Data Driven Modeling and Simulation of Dynamical Systems

Reduce development risks and bring products to market faster with a unified environment to design, simulate, test, and continuously upgrade systems using AI and real-world data

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Collimators Model Editor

Collimator brings together powerful features so you can accelerate your development process

Modeling in Collimator

Code your dynamical systems in the way that you are most comfortable using a no code graphical UI or a Python based environment

Simulate models with ease in Collimator

Test your concepts earlier and more often using high performance computing in the cloud to run simulations in parallel

Visualize your data with ease using Collimator

Bring your ideas to life using a powerful visualizing and reporting tool and move your designs forward, faster

Collaboration features and Role Based Access Control (RBAC) in Collimator

Share your results instantly with your team, suppliers or customers to get feedback and ensure everyone is on the same page - literally

Collimator is trusted by engineers across industries

“It is amazing to use Python, run on a web browser and collaborate on the cloud […] This is undoubtedly 10x better than what I've used before!"
GNC Engineer in Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing
"Collimator has major improvements over Simulink plus it is in the browser so it is very portable. Collimator also feels more powerful from a computational standpoint since simulations are performed using HPC in the cloud"
Mechatronic Engineer, ElektromontaĹĽ RzeszĂłw S.A.
“I wanted to have the flexibility that Python affords me, and I also wanted to get the suite of features from other engineering simulation software. I believe [this] has enormous potential”
Academic Researcher in
Control and Automation at IIT

Collimator is an engineering tool built for MBD and model based systems engineering of modern day systems

Collimator can connect directly to your backend to stream millions of data points to or from your simulation

Use big data to validate your design decisions

Collimator is built on Python, the lingua franca of AI and ML, to give you the flexibility to use trained neural networks and AI simulation in your design

Use AI in system’s design AND operation

Collimator has a GUI and text-based environment so engineers can work with software developers without needing to have a computer science degree

Design your system end-to-end in one place

Collimator runs HPC simulations in the cloud and in parallel so you don’t have to reduce the fidelity of your simulation or worry about compute cost

Simulate millions of test cases

Collimator has role based access control and one source of truth so teams can collaborate with each other in real time and with their customers

Collaborate with your teams

See Collimator in action

What our customers are saying

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