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Model, simulate, and optimize complex dynamical systems with a combination of physics and machine learning

Do it all collaboratively, in the cloud or locally, with the power of Python and JAX

What is Collimator?

Collimator is a high performance, general purpose simulation and modeling suite for modern Model-Based Development, with a focus on data-driven modeling and machine learning. Built around Python and JAX, Collimator has all the power, flexibility, and ecosystem support you expect. Features include surrogate modeling, digital twin support, system identification, model-predictive control, physics-informed machine learning, and optimization based on auto-differentiation.


Collimator makes it simple to optimize your controls. No matter your strategy—Auto-tuning, local optimization, stochastic perturbation, and more—you’ll have an optimized controller in no time thanks to automatic differentiation.

System Identification

Are you trying to develop a control algorithm for a system with challenging dynamics? Maybe the physics aren’t well-understood? Using tools like SINDy, Collimator makes identifying plant models fast, and as precise as you require.

Machine Learning

Whether you’re doing Physics-Informed Machine Learning, using a Digital Twin, or simply training a Neural Network, Collimator’s ML tools have it covered. We have flexible data pipelines, auto-diff, and parameterized models to suit your needs.

High-Performance Compute

Parameter sweeps? Sure. Monte Carlo simulation? No problem. Parallel distributed simulations and GPU acceleration? You bet. Collimator has the compute resources you need, and the tooling to seamlessly take full advantage of them.

Help is always a question away with our AI Chat Assistant. Ask what a model does, generate Python code, or even build an entire model from a photo of equations.
Collimator gives us a robust set of solutions that fosters discovery, learning, adapting, and continuous iteration. All teams including perception, planning and control systems engineers can work together in one place. The model is once again our one source of truth and V&V has never been easier
VP Engineering, Automotive Startup
G2 Medal

Collimator named G2 High Performer

"Collimator has amassed an NPS score of 100% and the top spot for ‘Likelihood to Recommend’ among 175 Simulation & CAE products. In addition, it is ranked # 6 overall... beating decades old products such as Simulink and ANSYS in user satisfaction"

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