Electrification and Clean Energy

Leading energy companies are using Collimator to stay ahead of their competition and get the most out of their energy systems. From designing high-performance BMS systems to optimizing efficiency using a digital twin, Collimator accelerates innovation for their engineering teams.

Imagine how much more you can achieve when your tools don't stand in the way of your development

Faster product development process

30% reduced time to market
50% less time spent waiting for parts

  • Use open source libraries incl. physics, mathematics and SysID models to accelerate early development
  • Test, learn and adapt during early design and focus engineering efforts on the most promising designs
  • Automatically generate high quality code directly from your model making it easier to debug and make changes
  • Use open source libraries incl. physics, mathematics and SysID models to accelerate early development
  • Test, learn and adapt during early design and focus engineering efforts on the most promising designs
  • Automatically generate high quality code directly from your model making it easier to debug and make changes

Increased efficiency in the engineering team

20% increase in engineering productivity
Zero wasted work

  • Engineers focus on engineering work, designing systems in a GUI environment and automatically generate embedded code
  • Run simulations and get insights into the system at least 20-100x faster using HPC
  • Always work on the latest and greatest meaning no wasted work and allow your team to continuously understand the impact their changes have on the overall system 
  • Collaborate in real-time with your team, customers and JDM, streamlining sprint planning, change management and code reviews

Reduced product development risk

20% fewer hardware iterations
30% reduced defects

  • Derisk earlier by testing thousands of design concepts before starting implementation work
  • Conduct system level tests for verification and validation so you can gain confidence in your system’s performance in the field
  • Get improved traceability from requirements to hardware implementation and generate pass/fail reports to use as DO and ISO certification artifacts
  • Perform closed loop SIL, MIL, HIL, DIL tests and store TBs of simulation results directly in your database for analysis at a later date

Design your system using reusable function blocks

Model your electrification project in hours - not days - using our reusable function blocks, e.g., battery management systems, battery cells, inverters

Use our system design tools including PID control and MPC, automated tuning, model linearization, linear analysis, etc. to gain insights into your system faster

Build data driven or physics based digital twins rapidly using system identification or machine learning

Simulate performance using HPC

Derisk earlier by testing thousands of design concepts before narrowing down your specifications and system architecture

Simulate performance of your system before it goes into production including thermal effects, SOC, etc.

Optimize your energy production based on different demand scenarios, energy prices, weather forecast, energy demand

Automatically generate embedded code

Generate high quality embedded code directly from your model and have any changes to the system’s design propagate down to the target hardware

Embed AI in your system design

Directly embed trained neural networks in your model to get end-to-end insight into your system performance. For example, AI and ML applications could include energy price predictions to proactively accelerate/decelerate production, predictive maintenance, etc.

Use your design as a digital twin

Use the system you designed as a digital twin to simulate and test updates to your embedded or PLC software, train your ML, etc.

Stream data from production to evaluate efficiency, make performance improvements, or predict when the maintenance crew should be alerted

Collimator is by far the best modeling and simulation software that I have used. Using the block diagrams that Collimator provides has allowed me to simplify my code and shift the time I was spending writing convoluted scripts back to my research!
R&D Researcher, Control Systems
Collimator is head and shoulders above the rest. I’ve found modeling to be very easy and straightforward. I’ve also saved a bunch of time and money while running my simulations. The same simulations that would take hours to run on my local PC run in minutes.
Control Systems Engineer, Consumer Electronics
Collimator proved to be the best solution for me because of how easy it was to get data from our back end, use that to create synthetic data, and then move that data into my neural net for training.
Automation Engineer, Technology Startup
It is amazing to use Python, run on a web browser and collaborate on the cloud […] This is undoubtedly 10x better than what I've used before!
GNC Engineer, Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing

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Fuel Cell System

Fuel cell system and fuel cell control system simulated and designed using AI to dynamically optimize power draw, current, voltage, power, temp so fuel is working at its optimal condition

Battery Management System

BMS is simulated across millions of load and environmental conditions to meet safety requirements, a smooth power delivery profile, and maximum battery longevity

Battery System

Battery chemistry is selected to optimize based on size, weight and cost and is simulated across millions of cycles, thermal effects, and non-linearities

Analytics and Control

Data from the digital twin is used for system identification during design to jumpstart development. In production, data is used for predictive maintenance, operations optimization and supervisory control leveraging best-in-class libraries

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Unlock the full potential of your engineering team with powerful features


Explore the vast number of possibilities, model to your desired complexity


Move faster with speed and agility, get high fidelity insights earlier


Analyze your results, increase confidence on your designs, iterate


Automatically generate code and deploy code to your target hardware


Integrate your workflows and streamline

One Platform

Many Capabilities


Automatically generate C code for your embedded system controller


Continuously build, test and deploy updates to embedded systems

Deploy AI and

Import neural networks to deploy in your system design

Model Based

Reduce risk using modeling, simulation and end-to-end traceability

Synthetic Data

Generate and export synthetic data to train neural networks

Verification and

Simplify data exploration and insights gathering through automated tests

Integrates seamlessly with your existing engineering tools

Redback Technologies reduces verification and validation time by 75%

Simon, a Principal Electronics engineer in the clean energy industry, used Collimator to design their next generation of solar and battery storage solutions. Using Collimator, he was able to save:

  • Reduce his verification and validation time by 75%
  • Create a design that was 3x easier to implement
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Grace saved 16h+ of unproductive time per eng per year

Grace, a Mechanical Engineer, set out to design a groundwater desalination plant that produced the maximum amount of freshwater for the least amount of energy consumed. Using Collimator, Grace was able to save:

  • 16 hours per year for each person in her team
  • Change her simulation run time from hours to minutes
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Nesa Innovation Labs increases engineering efficiency by 20%

Sanjay, a Control Systems engineer in the automotive industry, used Collimator to design MBD and ISO26262 compliant battery management systems. Using Collimator, he was able to save:

  • 20% est. engineering efficiency gained
  • $45k est. savings from moving to Collimator
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See Collimator in action

See Collimator in action

See Collimator in action

See Collimator in action

See Collimator in action