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Collimator vs MATLAB and Simulink

MATLAB and Simulink are great, but Collimator is better. We give you the same graphical user interface, but rise above MATLAB and Simulink because we are Python first and cloud-based.

Hundreds of customers looking for a MATLAB alternative or Simulink alternative have turned to Collimator. Book a demo today to see how we can help you do the same.

Top reasons why engineers choose Collimator as their MATLAB and Simulink alternative

Python Based

Collimator is Python based. Users have access to open source Python libraries (e.g., numpy, scipy, tensorflow, pytorch) and can easily create their own function blocks

Cloud First

Collimator runs on the cloud and can be accessed on any web browser. Projects are simulated using high performance computing (HPC) with the click of one button


Collimator makes it easy to view, edit and share models with anyone using role based access control and a clear version history

Simple Pricing

Collimator pricing is sensible and easy to understand. Most users do not require finance approval and can get started in minutes

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Collimator helps engineers solve their most intractable problems

Control System Algorithm Design

  • Designing and conducting verification and validation of complex control systems requires more data and computing power than most local machines running Matlab/Simulink
  • Collimator provides a best-in-class interface to design control system algorithms, powerful design optimization features e.g., PID, MPC, control tuning, etc., and high performance compute to go with it
  • Python libraries such as SciPy include cutting edge modules for optimization, linear algebra, integration, interpolation, system tuning, ODE solvers, etc. that you can easily integrate

Plant and Vehicle Dynamics Modeling

  • Developing a usable plant model is time-consuming when starting from scratch, and Matlab/Simulink toolkits that range in the thousands of dollars per year can be too expensive for most companies
  • Collimator has an extensive library of physics based dynamics models for automotive, aerospace and defense and allows you to bring in your own code if you already have a usable plant model
  • Python libraries offer a robust eco-system of proven plant models that you can immediately use and system identification tools that you can use to get quick statistical estimations of your plant

Performance Simulation and Analysis

  • Quantifying all aspects of a complex system requires computation intensive methods e.g., Monte Carlo simulations and setting up HPC using Matlab/Simulink can be time consuming and difficult
  • Collimator provides one click access to high performance compute simulations so you can scale from single runs to millions of runs easily without having to provision servers and manage a cloud provider
  • Python libraries such as Python Sensitivity Analysis, Numpy and Matplotlib gives you the tools to easily and quickly set up computational algorithms and review the results

Controller Implementation

  • Control system algorithms from autocode generation tools such as Matlab/Simulink can get complicated to follow, review and debug
  • Collimator provides the same one click code generation capability, however, because our backend runs the same compiled code, our code is higher quality, well annotated and readable
MATLAB and SimulinkMATLAB and Simulink
Collimator UICollimator UI
MATLAB and Simulink
Collimator UI

Development Environment

Text based IDE

Graphical User Interface

Programming Language

Easily code systems in Python

Leverage open source libraries

Big Data

Easily stream data from systems in production

Seamlessly handle TB of data in/out

Export data directly to S3 via API

AI and ML

Easily train neural nets

Embed pre-trained neural nets in your system

High Performance Compute

Seamlessly run 1000s of simulations

Run simulations without paying separately to cloud providers


Real time collaboration

Role Based Access Control (RBAC)


Backward and forward compatibility between releases

Free tier to use for simple systems

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