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Collimator is by far the best modeling and simulation software that I have used. Using the block diagrams that Collimator provides has allowed me to simplify my code and shift the time I was spending writing convoluted scripts back to my research!
R&D Researcher, Control Systems
Collimator is head and shoulders above the rest. I’ve found modeling to be very easy and straightforward. I’ve also saved a bunch of time and money while running my simulations. The same simulations that would take hours to run on my local PC run in minutes.
Control Systems Engineer, Consumer Electronics
Collimator proved to be the best solution for me because of how easy it was to get data from our back end, use that to create synthetic data, and then move that data into my neural net for training.
Automation Engineer, Technology Startup
It is amazing to use Python, run on a web browser and collaborate on the cloud […] This is undoubtedly 10x better than what I've used before!
GNC Engineer, Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing